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New Name, New Year - Same Fun!

So, as many of you have noticed, we have changed our name to No Limit Ninja Farmingdale. Aside from the name (and some awesome new swag), nothing has changed. Same location, same classes, same challenging obstacles, same fun for your kids.

We continue offer some of the best birthday parties on Long Island, our holiday camps are still supremely popular with parents, and of course, field trips are always welcomed. We also continue to offer our private, semi-private & small group training sessions.

Please update your phones and address books with our new information, so as to ensure proper delivery of anything we may send you.

In addition to our new shirts, sweatshirts and bags, we do have a few offers we'd like to share with you. First up, is our new buy one, get one free Open Gym Pass offer, limited to five passes/persons.

We also have gift cards, which are great to give friends or family. You can put anything from $25 to however much you want on each card.

We look forward to seeing you, and, never forget...No Limit Ninja Farmingdale is Long Island's ultimate ninja playground!

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